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We Provider Complete school Management Solution.

We can understand the complete education institute sector, we provide a full solution for any type of education sector, school management software, website development, mobile apps development, and marketing support. and support all areas of your IT systems from back-end infrastructure to front-end personal productivity. Our goal is to create innovative IT solutions that enable your business to be more agile and competitive.

Core Modules

NolwaBoard School Management can cover all core modules.

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    360° Admin DashBoard

    We build an amazing user easy school management software for any type of people can use it, Our school management software administration dash make all information in one dash bard.

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    Online Fee Payment

    Provide students and parents the opportunity to pay fees online, at their convenience. Using our secure transaction platform is a quick and easy way to process all fees.

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    Secure and backup

    NolwaBoard school management system highly secure and it can be taken daily backup. all the system more accurate and advanced and security futures we build it.

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    Smart Phone Compatible

    NolwaBard school management system can use any type of smart device, It can be help parent and teachers, Parent can simply use they’re on mobile devices and teachers can take attendance simply.

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    Different User DashBoard

    Adopt a platform-led approach, to drive for the special dashboard for admin, teachers, parents, and student by consuming services in an as-a-service model.

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    Details Reports

    Gain competitive advantage report for every angle in the Nolwaboard school management software, attendance is clearly notified absent message to parent SMS and email.

Benefits to the School

NolwaBoard School management system why the need to buy it?

  • School management

    School growth and seasonal flexibility are easily scaled as our 360° school management software services adapt to the school’s needs allowing them to easily use school admin/management without a headache.

  • Teachers benefit

    NolwaBoard School management software more easily and effective solution for teachers, teachers can make a deal their classes and student tasks, works, communications, 

  • Parents side Benefit

    We help to school more interaction by online with parents, they can manage single or sibling student and they can make online fee billing and they can easily communicate with teachers.

  • Student dashboard

    NolwaBoard school management software build an amazing dashboard for each student, they will have training modules for instruction and communication with any position doubt clear,

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