Who Are We


Nolwa Pvt ltd is a result of like-minded people. They brainstormed to create useful and unique products. We have an educated, experienced and passionate team with the right skill set. which makes us an invaluable partner to all our clients.  We have been performing exceptionally in the field of information technology. We are having clients across various functional sectors. We excel in providing customized software and best customer service. Our zest is to contribute to the education sector. We have developed an extremely useful and easy to use school management application.


Our Mission


We wish to create a real time software which makes the day-to-day tasks easier. An automation tool that digitizes the monotonous work. It helps organizations to make best use of their workforce for better productivity.  We have done a detailed practical analysis over many institutions of various categories. Finally created a universal platform of College or School Management Software. It helps you manage the database and activities of school. It also enables you to analyze the complete performance of students and faculty. A one stop solution to manage academic institutions of any size.


Our Vision


Schools and colleges nurture an individual.  Every parent chooses it with high aspiration. After spending quality time in the institute, the child is expected to evolve for the better. It is important for both faculty and parents to track students for better growth. We thus wish to provide an all-in-one school management software. It digitizes the infrastructure of every educational institution. We aim at providing this low cost ERP solution for every institution. With ample clients in GCC and India, we now wish this system to be implemented by most of the schools in Europe and Asia.


We made the impossible POSSIBLE. We mend the technology to meet the real time need.


While healthy food Nourishes the child, a healthy academic institute Nurtures an Individual.


NolwaBoard, boon to every parent, student and the academic institution. 


Over a decade, we excelled in providing various software solutions and services. Our parent company, OrbitBeam, has a remarkable recognition across the states of GCC. With an aim to expand globally, we have spread our wings in India as Nolwa Private Limited. Various kinds of software are being developed by our professionals. We wished to show gratitude towards those schools and colleges because of who we are today.


We developed an outstanding college and school management software, Nolwa Board.


Nolwa Board assures the broad compatibility and wide accessibility for all academies. It is the best education-focused service provider. It is designed to satisfy the varying needs of any educational institution. 25+ advanced modules meet every required utility in the administrative sector. Our expert team drives your needs into a satisfactory point of great service outcome. The best school management software has a powerful help desk. We provide standardized client care during service time. We keep a wide array of technical solutions to meet higher user satisfaction. It is a unique school management system. An automated administrative system contains all required modules for an educational institution. We have created a mobile application platform for portable and reliable usage. It comprises major academic functionalities like timetable management, attendance management, fee management, etc,. Safe and secure resiliency service meets the customer expectations at any time. It is the best school management system in Calicut with advanced functions. It facilitates explicit modules for conducting online examinations. Virtual classroom is the prominent feature.


Our best school management system in India is adaptable for extra features. Our integrated ERP system keeps a real-time track of the software driving processes. The database management system makes the updations and retrieval of data flexible. Multi-user accessibility makes the software an advanced school management software in India.


We, Nolwa Board, solve your emerging technological and administrative needs. We help you simplify any academic operations with the help of our expert panel. This modern school management software enables plenty of functions through a single channel. It restricts access to academic modules with secure password protection system. It gives an authorized login credential for all permitted stakeholders in the institution. In short, it systematizes the day-to-day campus academic work-flow of your institution.