There are many features of FAWRI which has led to its increased demand and popularity which are as follows:

  • Easy and quick customer registration process

    No manual forms
    CIF card with customer name printed on to it

  • Customer service excellence

    Multilingual Staff
    Hospitality – Friendly customer service

  • Queue Management System

    Ticket system for each service

  • Quality Assurance

    Strategic and Prime locations (currently 48 centers are live)
    Remittance center locations

  • Spacious centers

    Huge seating capacity; no more standing in long queues

  • Entertainment

    Free WIFI access & LED’s displaying regional news and updates
    Events – Fun fairs, weekend treats, games etc.

  • Gifts and reward program.

    Unconventional & Unique style of promotional campaigns,

  • Electronic Survey

    Allow customers to provide feedback on Fawri services; thus enable us to address concerns and improvise service quality levels