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7 prerequisites for best ecommerce website

Ecommerce website is the need of the hour. The online sector has removed all the boundaries of traditional business. Sky’s the limit for growth opportunities. Any business can now be online in no time. All you need is the right space to display your product or services. While reachability is an issue for services across borders, product sale is quite easy.

Ecommerce websites help you create a platform to sell online. As there is no limit on the number of products to sell. Also, it is an easy means to reach customers world wide. So, hire the best ecommerce website development company and you are good to go. Get a suitable domain name registration done which is in lines with your business name.  A list of things to take care of while developing your ecommerce portal.


  • First of all, the domain name should be easy to spell and pronounce.  For example, there should be no tongue twisters.
  • Then, the download speed of the website should be very high. Research says that websites should not take more than 2 seconds to open. Otherwise, the visitor prefers to avoid going through the website.
  • The moment, visitor enters your website, there should be no advertising pop-ups. This may give a false impression to the customer.
  • Finally, ensure the flow of all the web pages. This ensures good experience for the customer.


  • To buy a product, it is mandatory to register an account. As this helps the company to increase its customer database. Also collect the basic information from customers to avoid  fraudulent activities.
  • Appropriate measures taken to protect the personal information of customers.
  • Avoid interlinks to illegal websites.
  • The ecommerce website needs to integrate with best online payment gateway providers. This ensures a secured financial transaction.


  • Hosting on the server, ensures your website is now operational. Thus it is very important to choose the right platform to host an ecommerce website. As it has more data than other websites.
  • Shared hosting is available at lower cost. But, at times there can be uploading issues or the website may run slow. Yet at the initial stage, this is workable.
  • Dedicated hosting allows only one website on one server. It ensures security and speed. But the cost of hosting is too high. Also, the size of the server cannot change in the runtime.
  • VPS hosting is a cost effective means of hosting preferred currently. With dynamic storage capacity, it allows you to pay as you need.

Mobile Friendly

  • The website needs to be responsive. When opened on any screen like laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile there should be no change in look and feel. The design of the website should be convincing in all the display sizes.
  • You can also have a customized mobile app for your business. This can be further downloaded from the play store. It is workable to develop for both android and iOS users.

Product Review

  • Word of mouth is the best means of traditional marketing. The review is the digital word of mouth.
  • Collect reviews from customers who bought this product.
  • The detailed and honest reviews give a clear picture to probable customers. Also it helps you to improve further.

CTA, Call to action

  • When a customer finds a product suiting his requirement, guide with the next action.
  • This includes Add to cart/ Buy / Login to Buy options.
  • These buttons need to be available on all the products.
  • They finally need to reach the payment page and then own the product.
  • Then, the customer needs to get instant intimation with reference id and shipping details.
  • The whole flow of the purchase needs to be flawless.

Customer Friendly

  • Prefer an organised structure to showcase all the products. S/he should get a clear picture of what all you have in store for them.
  • Also, a search button helps the customer find the exact product at ease.
  • Then,  chatbot integrated system ensures hospitality and a warm welcome to your customer. But, there should also be an option to avoid the same.

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