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Advanced Features

Work with separate menus and prices, use caller id while collecting orders for faster operations. Our restaurant management software   recognizes the customer and the order can be taken fast and practical. Takeaway department screen can always be held ready to serve at main screen. Fast pay buttons can be set. Delivery time can be tracked and deliverers can be managed. Customer address can be seen on Google Maps.
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Delivery Management

The delivery management feature focuses on assessing routes, assigning orders to drivers, tracking orders and payments.

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Customization Screens

Design your screens according to your business type and departments. Place quick buttons for actions, create various reports.

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Inform customers about delivery time, promotions, campaigns. remind customers for special days. (birthday, anniversary etc.)

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Loyalty Programs

Give your customers more reason to keep coming back by rewarding them. Set up your loyalty program the way you want it by loyalty or gift cards.

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